Friday, July 27, 2007

Out of context

Like many, I enjoy watching films. One of my all-time favorite is Fight Club, which I own the disk and watch it from time to time even now. Then there are movies like Lord of the Rings, which I think is epic and enjoyable, although I don't think I will watch again.

I enjoy listening to other people's opinion (and especially ones who agree), so I asked my roommate and his girlfriend about how they felt about GATTACA She didn't like it because it wasn't realistic. I paused.

I asked her why she didn't like the fact that it wasn't realistic. She answered with the reason why it wasn't realistic. A few months later, similar critique came from her for another film, The Matrix, and the same for Lord of the Rings.

It is difficult why she was demanding realism in a film that that clearly belongs to fantasy and science fiction. Maybe what she was trying trying to say was that she likes a movie which portrays real life, and not fiction. But somehow, I cannot persuade myself to think that is what she meant - I have the feeling that she will say the same thing if she saw La Strada or Persona.


A while back, I have taken someone to a concert. The performance by the string quartet was beautiful, and while I was not a big fan of classical music, I was deeply moved.

After the concert, I have asked my date how she had liked the music.

"I like piano music better." She replied.

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